Following the completion of their May 2023 IB examinations and formal assessments, the DP2 students returned to the CWA campus to attend Graduation Week, a series of activities that were all about celebrating our students and their time at our institution. The students planned, organized, and hosted Graduation Prom, a formal dance event in which they dressed up as fashionable Hollywood movie stars, expressed their individuality, and celebrated their growth as a class. The next day, during a graduation procession, CWA’s whole student body applauded the graduating class as they proceeded through the campus wearing the graduation caps and gowns. The students then held a tree-planting ceremony and buried a time capsule to represent the contributions they have made to their alma mater and to symbolize the legacy they are leaving behind.


China World Academy’s historical first Graduation Ceremony took place on the afternoon of Friday May 26th, and the Class of 2023 students took the stage and claimed their well-earned diplomas. This group of students will always be remembered as the first Foundation Program (FP) students, the first students to successfully complete the two-year Diploma Program, and a bold group of pioneers who triumphed over adversity and emerged stronger because of it. They have truly made their marks as co-founding students of this institution. Graduation Week offered the graduating students priceless time together and further opportunities to create treasured memories. As our graduates take their first steps into the world, they know that their CWA home, family, and friends will always be with them.


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